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PINDIA Stand and Pee Portable Female Urination Device | Recyclable Disposable Urinal Funnel | Travel, Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Activities | Compact Stand and Pee Funnel for Women,Girls(30 Funnels)


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Brand: Tuzech

Color: Pink


  • When you gotta go, this makes doing your business a breeze - no matter where you are. Superior design for a leak-free experience. Head out on the trail without worrying about your next bathroom break. Handles menstrual flow as well! It accommodates all body secretions. It can adjust to your shape and size.
  • Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear. The wide mouth makes a reliable seal with ample room for peeing so it won’t spill, drip or splash. No more holding it in. You can use it outdoors, at the gym, airport, train station, camping, office, parks – you decide. Especially helpful for pregnant women or if you have joint pain. No more sitting or squatting.
  • Women's equality takes on a whole new meaning with this must-have camping accessory. Stand, aim and fire in seconds without having to bear your butt. One of the most compact and lightest design. Fits in your purse, pocket, glove compartment.
  • Light and portable - perfect for the hiking and backpacking girl or woman. Stand Up For Yourself. Ladies, you can urinate standing up. No more sitting, squatting or wiping seats in dirty, unhygienic restrooms. You can carry it around discreetly and dispose of easily after each use.
  • The patent pending design allows for ease of use. Comes with a single hand thumb grip for easier holding. It is leak proof and splash resistant. The flaps offer better stability and eliminate paper cuts.

Details: Planning a weekend trip, backpacking around the world or going to a Festival? Avoid having to bear your bum to the wilderness, or having to sit down in un-hygienic restrooms! Simply pack our light and flexible device and you can enjoy the freedom of standing to pee like men. Drip & splash free to keep your jeans dry. Shake it off, clean it and pack it into the hygienic and discreet carry bag to be used again and again. It also makes it easier to pee standing up for women in late pregnancy that need to use the bathroom more frequently, easing back pain significantly.

UPC: 7427083512832

Item Condition: New

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